Blog Worthy Renovation

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My husband and I left the little cape that we had just finished renovating about 2 1/2 years ago now. We bought an 1860s colonial in need of a total overhaul. Sometimes we wonder what we were thinking but we are generally happy about the move! We have been working our way through each part of the house. Before the baby is born, we wanted to complete the baby’s room and the back upstairs hall. As you know, the room is complete. Now, I am happy to say that the hall is just about done! We have little finishing touches left to go but all in all, it is complete.
What makes this renovation blog worthy is that I have decided that I want to make a quilt to hang on the wall at the top of the stairwell. I haven’t decided on a design yet (feel free to leave suggestions). The hall was painted in “Classic Taupe” because it opens into five rooms which are painted a golden sand color, pale pink, lilac and light blue. The bathroom hasn’t been renovated yet but we are thinking of maybe going with an aqua sort of color. The quilt will hang on the wall opposite the bathroom. So, I need to keep the colors in mind when choosing fabric. I don’t know when I will actually start on this project but I am ready to start planning at least. My husband said that the hall echos now without the wallpaper so he thought that the quilt would really help. I asked if that meant it was ok to go ahead and get all the fabric now then. He laughed and said that no, that wasn’t what he intended to imply. You can’t blame me for trying! Here are the before and after shots.

This is the top of the stairwell where I want to hang the quilt. I wish we had pictures before removing the wallpaper but it was literally falling off the walls already so we yanked it off before taking the “before” shots. All the walls are horsehair plaster on lathe.

The “quilt wall” is to the right in this shot.
See that gaping hole? I asked my husband to cut into the wall there and build a small built in set of three drawers. I will use them to store towels for the bathroom.

Now for some of the after shots:

This hall was rather painful to paint because there are 8, yes 8, doors off the hall, 5 rooms and three closets. It was tedious!
We bought lighting fixtures to suit the time period of the house from Rejuventation,, I highly recommend them to anyone with an older house. They have a great selection and their products are very high quality. They also have great customer service.
This is a view of the completed “quilt wall.” The railing and balusters are not done yet. We are going to paint the railing a jet black and the balusters the same “Linen White” as the rest of the trim.
You can see the boxed in hole in the wall in this shot. My husband will work on the drawers in the barn over the summer.
Here is a view of the “quilt wall” end of the hall again. The window still needs to have the paint scraped off the glass. I also need to decide on a curtain.

I am so excited that this project is wrapping up. It has been a long 6 weeks.