Bo-Peep Skirt

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, sewing2 Comments

I recently borrowed Anna Maria Horner’s Seams to Me book from the library. I copied out a few ideas and got to one of the projects over the weekend. I made the Bo-Peep skirt for my 3 year old. I have to say, with the ruffles landing hip level on her, you really have to be 3, carefree and adorable to pull off this look! The book did say that the pattern was for a 4-5 year old. I think I should have made the ruffles narrower so that they didn’t land as high and so that you could see more of the side panels which are made out of a brown and white polka dot material. The side panels are pretty much obscured because the two 5″ ruffles cover the entire skirt. Regardless, she loves it and walks around reciting “Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep” while wearing it. It also gave me the chance to jump on the band wagon and use Alexander Henry’s “Apples and Pears” material like the rest of you. It is just so appealing. I found it on sale at JoAnns about a month ago. This is a skirt that I would like to try again with the ruffle modifications but, honestly, I don’t think this little girl needs another dress or skirt this season. Maybe next year.