Fellow Moms of Boys

Amy Friendapplique, children's clothing, sewing2 Comments

I know that there has been a bit of talk on blogs here and there about how much harder it is to sew for boys than girls. I completely agree! And of course there is sibling rivalry when sister gets her third new outfit in a row and brother hasn’t gotten anything new sewn for him in ages. This was my solution last summer; after sister got 3 new sundresses! I appliqued a shark, turtle and dinosaur onto three solid colored t-shirts that I bought at Target. The t-shirts were under $5.00 each and then the material cost wasn’t much at all since I bought only a 1/4 of a yard of each piece and had leftovers for other projects. I used my standby, Stitch Witchery, to bond the material to the t-shirt and then I used a tight machine zig zag to applique. I just had to be careful to not pull the t-shirt material at all while I sewed. I feared that it would be harder working on the knit than it was. Now fortunately, or unfortunately, the t-shirts still fit this year so I will need to think of another boy project if I make anything more for his sister! I was particularly excited when my son wore the shark t-shirt to school the other day and one of the teachers (who has a son his age) asked where I bought that shirt because she wanted to buy one. My son proudly said, “My Mommy made it!” I know there will be a day very soon when he will refuse to wear anything I make so I will enjoy this while it lasts!