Stairwell Quilt Ideas

Amy Friendquilting1 Comment

I went to the quilting shop this morning to find some material to make tie backs for the hall curtain. While I was there, I had to check the sale basket full of fat quarters and I found the one pictured above. I love it! I was lucky enough to find two fat quarters in the basket, for a $1 each, so I have a total of a half yard and hope to use it on my stairwell quilt. The taupe color in it looks great with the wall color (see two posts below for the hall renovation). It is a Hoffman print. I don’t know the name because the salvage only said “Hoffman” on the piece I bought. It has a bit of a metallic sheen around some of the flowers. I am wondering how that will do if I wash the quilt in cold water and then dry on high, as I had hoped to do in order to get the crinkly look. Does anyone have experience doing that with metallic fabrics?
I would like to combine it with a couple of fabrics that I have been eying with this project in mind like:
Retreat Bark:
Simplicity Eggshell:
O My! Cocoa:
Leaf Paisley Cocoa:
Block Printed Trees Aqua:
Mosaic Ocean Mist:
Kaleidoscope Dots Leaf:
Granted, I would have to narrow down my selection because all of these together would be a bit much.
This brings me to the Flower Power contest going on at Sew, Mama, Sew ( The Grand Prize for the winning flower design is a $40 gift certificate to Sew, Mama, Sew. Clearly, I need to get cracking on some entries so that I can buy the fabrics listed above! I have one project completed and another in the works. I plan to post them along with tutorials when they are done. Wish me luck!
I am still mulling over design ideas for the quilt. Mama Lusco ( has overwhelmed me with possibilities! She introduced me to the idea of a snowball block which I like a lot. She also suggested a pinwheel design which had been in the back of my mind already. I am also considering a zig zag pattern or “Love Beads” from the book Modern Quilt Workshop. The last idea has me a bit intimidated though because I haven’t tried circles before.
Feedback anyone?