Baby Booties

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This is what happens when a sewing mommy gets anxious for her little one to arrive. Over the weekend, I made two pairs of baby booties. I have two more planned. Clearly, the baby will not need four pairs but since she hasn’t arrived yet, I will keep sewing to keep busy! Plus, they are fun and cute and only use the smallest of scraps! I used the Stardust tutorial:

The top pair is made of white eyelet with a white on white stripe on the bottom. The bottom pair is made of scraps from my three year old daughter’s quilt and dresser scarf. The quilt is pictured below. The ticking stripe was used for many of the diamonds in the center of the quilt. I have been meaning to show a picture of this quilt anyway. It was one of my first quilts. I made the pattern myself and the quilting is a combination of hand quilting and tying.

I can’t find a good picture of the dresser scarf but it used the material on the toe of the shoe which is from The Hannah Collection, Anna Griffin for Windham Fabrics.
Now, back to booties!