Mother’s Day Runner

Amy Friendgifts, quilting, sewing2 Comments

Yes, I made yet another runner. This was my Mother’s Day gift to my mom. Her dining room has a maple colored table, light golden colored walls, and an Oriental style rug that is mainly navy. The colors all work together really well. I came up with my own idea for the design, though I am guessing that it is not original and probably has a name already! If it does, tell me what I recreated. I cut my fabric into 2 inch wide by 6 1/2″ or so strips and sewed them end to end in the same order. Then I cut them to the width of the table runner and kept them in order, which created this pattern. I really like the look of it. For quilting, I just stitched in the ditch. I think that the fabrics are Hoffman batiks. I actually made this a few months ago and put it away so I can’t remember for sure.