Strippy Runner

Amy Friendquilting, sewing2 Comments

Yesterday I came across a tutorial that was just posted for a strippy runner, on the Twiddletails blog: I thought it was really appealing and I have been wanting to make another runner but was unsure of the pattern/design that I wanted to use. This tutorial was all I needed to drop the laundry and cleaning and other more important stuff and start another project! I had two floral remnants from the quilt shop and a bit of a quilting solid in a soft green left over from my daughter’s pansy dress, as well as some pink polka dot material that I really love simply because it makes me happy. The pink material was used for my daughter’s Easter dress two years ago. Here is a picture of the dress just for fun. Don’t you love peter pan collars? I can’t believe that she fit into this just two short years ago.

The pink material is a Quilt Pink fabric by Max and Noble for Moda. I am not sure of the florals since their selvages were cut off when I bought them.
The strippy runner tutorial was great. It was fun to make something purposely a little off-kilter. That doesn’t come naturally to me so this was a good experience. I decided to try something new when I quilted it too. This is why I love runners. They are the perfect thing to experiment on. I credit Nicolette from Dutch Comfort with the idea to use zig zag stitches for the quilting. She used them on her spring runner, Instead of using the zig zag all over, I spaced them a presser foot’s edge width apart from each seam. I think it accentuates the fact that the strips are not cut straight and style wise it just seems to go to me. I think I will use the zig zag again. Oh, my runner is the same width as the one in the tutorial but it is a bit shorter in order to fit on the sidetable where I plan to use it. It measures more like 30″ long. Now, back to the laundry.