Doggie Nightgown

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, sewing6 Comments

Today it was my daughter’s turn. Her project was a lot easier than her brother’s! A few weeks ago she moaned, “I want a nightgown. Everyone has one but me.” I guess everyone equals me because her dad and brother certainly don’t wear them! I was delighted that she wanted a nightie though and was excited to make one…until she announced that only doggie material would do. I was hoping for floral, frilly, lace and ruffles. I don’t care for prints like this and on top of that, why is it that all dog prints have to look boyish and all cat prints have to look girlish? I have a boy who has a favorite stuffed animal cat and therefore adores all things cat. And I have a daughter who has a favorite stuffed animal dog and adores all things dog. It makes it very difficult! I went ahead and used the doggie material as requested and made a few changes to a McCalls M5355 pattern. I removed the sleeves and made it a sleeveless version for summer and made it nearly a foot shorter. I added the bow to try to dress it up a little. At first she said no to the ruffle but after I said “But it is a doggie nightgown and that is a “RUFF-le” (get the 3 year old humor?) she agreed as long as the ruffle was only at the bottom and not on the sleeves. Fine, it is sleeveless!

And yes, I am still pregnant and officially overdue.