Kindergarten Hawaiian Luau Shirt

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, sewing8 Comments

Well the shirt made from the material from the now infamous trip to JoAnns is complete. Now my son has his Hawaiian shirt to wear to the Kindergarten Luau. I made the shirt using the Simplicity 5581 pattern. I took my son’s measurements and they were on the upper edge of the size medium range. I decided to go with large, hoping it wouldn’t look too big now and that he could wear it again next summer. Well, it fits him perfectly so I am so glad that I didn’t go with the medium because I would have been furious! The shirt gave me a bit of trouble. I was confused by the directions for the collar but my mom was nice enough to help me figure it out. Then the sleeves were a little tricky to set in because there was so much material to try to ease in without letting it gather up. I had to put it down several times and come back to it because I was getting upset! I think that I could make another one much more easily now that I got through this one. I made the mistake of saying that out loud and my husband said, “Oh good, I was hoping you’d say that because I would like a matching one.” Ugh! I said I could make another but not that I wanted to! He is jealous that I used the blue hexagonal buttons from my button bag on the shirt because he likes them and I only have two left now, not enough for a second shirt. There is no chance of getting more because I bought them in high school when our local Piece Goods Shop was closing and they were on clearance.

I didn’t want to force my son into a photo session so I will wait and take his picture in the shirt on the big luau day and post it then!