Baby’s Christmas Stocking

Amy Friendbaby, embroidery, holiday, sewing6 Comments

Here is Penny’s completed Christmas stocking. There were a few twists and turns in the design stage. I had started off thinking Christmas candies and gingerbread men. Then my husband suggested a gingerbread house instead. Pretty soon it became more of a house in the wintry woods. The main fabrics are Wintergraphix II by Jason Yenter for in The Beginning fabrics. The rest I had in the house.

Like the other stockings, I did a little hand sewing. I made french knots along the edge of the toe and heel to coordinate with the dots on the print. I also stitched branches on the evergreen tree, the windows, door, candles, and wreath on the house, etc. I sewed little crystal beads along the roof line to look like icicles. I was fortunate to have some pieces of large lace left over from a dress I made in high school that I cut in half for snow covered evergreens. They are one of my favorite features. And I had exactly enough of the pom pom trim on hand. It seemed meant to be! I think that they look like little snowballs and are very fitting.

It was fun to make and I hope that she likes it. I haven’t made the kids’ stockings very juvenile because I want them to grow with them. I expect that they will keep these stockings year after year.