"Charming" Little Skirt

Amy Friendchildren's clothing, gifts2 Comments

Following the tutorial available on The Merry Church Mouse blog (http://themerrychurchmouse.blogspot.com/2007/08/charming-little-skirt-tutorial.html), I made this “Charming” Little Skirt as a birthday present for my daughter’s friend. She turns four this weekend. I asked her what her favorite color was, about two weeks ago, and she replied “pink.” I checked again the following week and she said “green, blue and orange.” So, I did what anyone would do in that situation and went with all four colors just to be sure. Fickle four year olds! This is the third skirt that I have made from this tutorial. Each time I have modified it slightly. This time, I cut the squares 1/2″ larger to make the skirt a bit bigger. I think that in the future, I might add more squares too in order to make it a bit more gathered and fuller.