Doll’s Princess Ballgown

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My son was invited to a birthday party for a girl this week. I asked him what she might like for a gift. He is so observant that he was able to tell me how she wore her hair in case I wanted to make hair things and also that she brought American Girl dolls to school for show and tell. We decided on a princess ballgown for her doll. He went to JoAnn’s with me (along with the other two) and helped select the fabrics. He also found the perfect thread match. It makes me proud! So, here is the ballgown, modelled by Lily’s doll. It is based on the McCall’s Craft pattern 9671. Now he is ready for the part he will enjoy the most, the bouncy house and cake!
I am not eager to sew on this type of fabric again. I said this once before, last fall, when I made Lily a pink princess dress to wear for her birthday. And I said it again at Christmas when I made her a satiny red dress. I really need to remember and not buy this kind of fabric again. It ravels so badly! With the quarter inch seams used when making dolls clothes, pretty soon you find yourself without any seam allowance! I assume that this is when a serger would come in handy? I used a small overcast stitch and it worked pretty well but it was still messy and painstaking.