Nine Patch Quilt Along is Complete!

Amy Friendone a day quilt along, quilting7 Comments

I finally finished my nine patch quilt from the One a Day Quilt Along. I enjoyed my first quilt along but the one a day aspect of it made it seem to really drag for me. It just feels like this quilt has been sitting around for a long time in various states of completion. I am not sure that I could have completed it any faster though given all the activity around here in the last few months.
I am pleased that:
1. Pulling the backing really taut and taping it to the dining room floor while basting the quilt made for my neatest quilt backing so far.
2. My corners are nice and neat.
3. The tension from my bobbin thread was better than the last quilt.
4. I love the colors and the look of the quilt.
5. It is perfectly crinkly.
I want to work more on:
1. The stippling until I am really happy with it.
2. Cutting the sash pieces even more carefully so that there is no stretching and buckling. I got a little of that this time but was able to smooth most of it out into the binding. It was enough to prevent me from straight line quilting though.

My last regret is that I didn’t have enough material for the scrappy border. All in all I like it a lot and am excited to start a quilt to hang in the hall next.