Penny’s Baptism

Amy Friendfood, holiday6 Comments

Today was Penelope’s Baptism. Here she is in church, right before she cooperated and fell asleep! She slept through all but the water being poured onto her head. That startled her a bit but she didn’t cry. She then settled again and slept for the rest of Mass. She was an angel! She wore the little eyelet booties that I made before she was born and they matched the gown well. The gown was from my husband’s family so she wore it like her brother and sister did.

This is the cake that my talented husband decorated. I found the idea in an old Martha Stewart baby magazine. I baked the cake and cut the shape but my husband is credited for doing the rest.

The food is mostly covered here to keep the bugs away but I went with the suggestion to make zucchini bread. So, we had that with the chocolate chocolate chip muffins and blueberry coffee cake that I made. We also served a spiral ham, and bagels from a shop downtown with flavored cream cheese. My sister in law made lemon poppy seed bread. My mom prepared all of the fruit. It was a lovely brunch. We ate under tents set up by the garden. My step father set up the tents and they provided shade and seating for all thirty guests. It all went as well as I could have hoped. The weather even cooperated. It was warm but not too got and the rain held off.
Now that the Baptism preparations are behind me, I can get to creating a few birthday gifts this week.