Sewing Space and Progress

Amy Friendone a day quilt along, quilting, sewing, sewing space5 Comments

I am late to join in on this trend but here is my sewing space. The kids helped me neaten it all up over the weekend so that I could begin some new projects. The dresser contains my material. There are a few storage boxes in the attic too that contain felt, home dec materials, fleece and special occasion fabrics. I would like to make a mini quilt to hang above my machine. I also have a wooden chair that I plan to use at my sewing table once I make a cushion. I am saving selvages and plan to make a cushion using them for that seat. It is a great sewing space for me because it adjoins our dining room where the kids spend a lot of time eating and crafting. And my machine is against the only wall in the room. The rest of the walls are windows, ten in all plus a glass paned door. So I sort of feel like I am sewing out in the yard. I have a nice view of my garden, and of the road where the school bus comes so I can get out to the curb just in time!

And last of all, I managed to make my quilt sandwich last night for my nine patch. I was hoping to do straight line quilting but think that there are too many imperfections in my quilt top. I am worried that quilting it in that way might accentuate them so I am leaning toward stippling.