Blocks are Complete!

Amy Friendquilting, sewing6 Comments

My quilt is now ready for sashing! I really got excited about this project and have been working on it non stop for the past few evenings. I have all the blocks ready now. The quilt will consist of stacked coins and modified log cabins. Do they have a name? Some quilter out there must know. I just saw them in another quilt and liked the idea! I used fussy cut butterflies for the center and what I will refer to as not quite so fussy cut butterflies for a couple blocks when I started to run out of butterfly fabric! As it turns out, it was sort of a happy mistake because it looks more like those butterflies are taking flight so I like it.
I am trying to decide between white and ivory colored sashing. I think white might work better with the majority of the fabrics. I have ivory in the house though so it is tempting. The hall where I plan to hang the quilt has tan walls and ivory trim. For that reason, I am also tempted to go with the ivory but I imagine that quilting is like framing. You should choose the mat for the piece, not for the room where you are hanging it. I suppose I should choose the sashing that works best with the other materials in the quilt rather than the space where it will be hanging.
For the time being, I will need to put this project aside until I get to the fabric store, just like the Halloween costume. I hope to fit that trip in this week.
Until then, I have a preschool backpack to repair for my soon to be preschooler.
I nearly forgot. I have never hung a quilt before. I am fortunate to be married to a wood working hobbiest and he has volunteered (agreed) to make me something to hang it from. Does anyone have any good design ideas? I was assuming that I would sew a pocket along the top edge of the quilt and would insert a rod which would rest on something that he would construct on either end. Maybe there is a better way.