Horsing Around Jumper Tutorial

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Horsing Around Jumper Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial for the jumper; written after the fact so it lacks pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

All seam allowances are 5/8”. My jumper is approximately a girls’ size 5. For this size, I used a yard and a half of light weight corduroy plus a 9” x 11” piece of cotton for the bib lining, about 10” of 3/4” wide elastic, two 7/8” buttons, four 5/8” buttons. The measurements that I used are in parenthesis. You should measure your child for the best fit.

Fabric Cutting

Cut a rectangle for the jumper bib out of lightweight corduroy and one out of cotton to line it. (8 ½” wide x 10 ½” high) If your fabric does not have a large scale design that you are showcasing, like the horse in my example, you could add a pocket or applique to the front bib.

Cut two straps ( 3” wide x 19” long)

Cut front panel of skirt (11½ ” high x 40” wide) –Cut a little longer than need be if you want room to adjust length prior to attaching ruffle.

Cut waistband (3” high x 13 ½” long) The length is one half of your child’s waist measurement plus the seam allowances.

Cut back panel of skirt (13” high x 40” wide) –Cut a little longer than need be if you want room to adjust length prior to attaching ruffle.

Cut two ruffle pieces (45” long x 3 ¾” wide)

Sewing Directions

1. With right sides together sew front and lining of bib together leaving an opening for turning. Cut corners and trim seams, turn, iron and hand sew opening closed. The bib is complete.
2. Fold under ¼” along upper edge of waistband, press. Gather upper edge of skirt front and attach it to the other edge of the waistband. Press waistband up. Fold waistband in half, press, and hand sew the inner edge of the waistband. This completes the front skirt panel. The finished waistband should measure 1”.
3. Fold under ¼” along upper edge of back skirt panel, press. Fold down an additional 1”, press and stitch close to the fold. Measure child’s waist. Cut a piece of elastic that is half the waist measurement and insert into the casing. Stitch it in at either end.
4. Serge or use an overcast stitch to stitch skirt side seams. Make sure that they are neatly lined up at the top. Once you stitch one side seam, try the skirt on your child. You can make the waist smaller by taking a larger side seam on the other side if necessary for the best fit. At this point, adjust the length and make sure that the front and back of skirt are the same length.
5. Stitch the ruffle pieces together at the narrow ends. Finish bottom of ruffle by folding under ¼” pressing, another ¼” and stitching. Gather upper edge of ruffle and attach to skirt bottom.
Find center point of the bib and mark with a pin. Find center point of waistband and mark with a pin. Line these center points up and attach the bib to the waistband with four buttons. You can make button holes or just stitch them through the two layers like I did.
6. Make straps by folding the strap pieces in half and stitching one short edge and then length then turning(using a 1/4″ seam allowance). Edge finish the raw edge. Make buttons holes on the finished end and attach buttons to the front of the jumper. Try jumper on the child, buttoning the straps in the front. Cross the straps in the back where they naturally want to do so and safety pin. Then put two more safety pins in the waistband where the straps will attach. Remove jumper and top stitch a diamond shape where the straps cross in the back. Stitch along the waistband seam to hold the straps in at the back.

I believe that is the gist of it. Good luck! I’d love to see any that you make.