Penny’s Hats!

Amy Friendbaby, knitting3 Comments

My friend, Alyson, knit Penny four adorable hats that I just had to share! Aren’t they the sweetest? Only three are pictured because the fourth is still too big. I just love all of them. It’s been chilly enough this week for hats too. In fact, she was sporting the strawberry hat this morning at the bus stop, along with her sleep sack! These hats will help me to accept the return of chillier temperatures.

Edited to add: More information on the hats from Alyson:
The strawberry hat is called the “berry baby hat” and is a free download on ravelry.
The pink cotton hat is called “sweet and simple baby hat” (free on ravelry.)
The long tailed hat was based loosely on and a similar hat in the book “itty bitty hats” by Susan B. Anderson.