Blogger’s Quilt Festival

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It’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival time again! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s quilts last spring and I didn’t think I was going to have a quilt ready in time for this round but I finished it just in the nick of time!

I made this quilt to hang in my upstairs, back stairwell. There is a large beige colored wall there and a lot of echos throughout the hall. We are hoping that the quilt will both brighten the wall and also muffle some of the echos and make for a happier sleeping baby. As it turns out, our baby is a very light sleeper and as the youngest of three, that isn’t a good thing. My quilt measures about 51″ x 64″ and consists of stacked coins and half log cabins or split log cabins (thank you to Pat/Silver Thimble Quilt Co. for telling me the proper name for those modified log cabin blocks). I used many fabrics from Hoffmans’ Papillon collection, a couple from Windham Fabrics’ Songbird collection and a couple of quilters neutrals. The sashing is a Kona solid called Bone. Many of the fabrics were actually purchased as scraps at my local quilt shop, as they appeared in the scrap box over a 6 month period. As a result, I only had little pieces of certain fabrics and bigger pieces of those that I bought by the yard.

The back is pieced; though that wasn’t exactly planned. I was sleepier than I realized when calculating the yardage for the back. I purchased the incorrect amount of the polka dot that I used for the backing. Then I pieced borders with fabrics remaining from the quilt top. I used just about every little piece of fabric that I had. It was close! I like the result though so I will consider it an happy little accident.

I decided that I wanted to quilt this top with free motion quilting since it was so linear. I wanted to give it a little feeling of movement. I didn’t want to stipple again though so I decided to quilt free form leaf shapes based very, very loosely on the leaves in the “3 Birds and Flower” Songbird print. I quilted in vertical rows, or more aptly, “vines.”

Now I just need to sew a pocket on the back for a rod and get my husband to help me hang it up!

Thank you for visiting my blog during the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I can’t wait to take a look at all of your quilts too!