Freezer Paper Stencils

Amy Friendfreezer paper stencils, gifts4 Comments

I’m hooked! I tried freezer paper stencilling for the first time and it is so much fun. I have a couple of onsies and some tshirts ready to stencil for my own kids but this one is a gift. My son is going to a birthday party this weekend.

I followed this tutorial and it was very clear and it worked well for me.

The edges of the stencils are nice and crisp. My only disappointment is that I added white to the blue paint to make the centermost shark a different shade of blue. The blue looked remarkably different as I applied it but after drying, the color difference is hardly noticeable.
I can see so many possibilities! I am looking forward to trying some more as soon as I can settle on design ideas. For those of us who find ourselves making more for our daughters than our sons, here is a craft that could help to even the score.