More Stencilled Shirts

Amy Friendfreezer paper stencils4 Comments

My son was invited to another birthday party. This time, the little girl sent out pink unicorn invitations. I found a pink sweatshirt on sale for $5 and made a freezer paper unicorn stencil. My daughter wished that she had one too so I made her a similar tshirt since I already had it on hand. They are just a tad too pinky pink for me (though I really like pink) but are apparently just perfect for the age 4-6 crowd!

I also made a birthday tshirt for Lily because she is turning 4 next week! It was inspired by children’s counting books with the number followed by objects of the same number. Here is the 4 accompanied by 4 small cherries on the shirt pocket. I hope she likes it.
Now I have two onsies to paint for Penny but am trying to decide on designs. One has to incorporate yellow so that she has something to wear with the super cute yellow cable knit pants I bought for her on clearance. Ideas??