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We carved our pumpkins tonight; one for each member of the family. In the top picture, my son’s pumpkin is on the left. He drew the face himself and for the first time, helped carve it too. He did the eyes and nose before he asked for help finishing up the mouth. I wanted one of the odd, peachy pumpkins this year with the strange growths all over it. Then I had no idea how to carve it! I decided on a mouse and Swiss cheese. I don’t really know why. It just popped into my head and I decided to go with it.
In the bottom picture, we have my husband’s two faced, happy/sad pumpkin that got broken in the kitchen sink while he was rinsing it out. It is held together with toothpicks here and will hopefully stay together through trick or treating tomorrow night! Then comes my daughter’s pumpkin. She drew the design and my husband carved it for her. It looks a little robot like. And finally, my husband carved the littlest pumpkin for the baby. It is made in her likeness with two bottom teeth. Yup, she has two teeth already! Our barn cat, Licorice, decided to pose for the picture. He must have known that black cats and jack-o-lanterns go hand in hand.
Happy Halloween!