Babies=Knitting Projects

Amy Friendbaby, knitting2 Comments

As I have mentioned before, I am not a big knitter. I hope to be someday but so far it hasn’t really clicked for me. I do ok but I am slow. And if I make a mistake, I can’t figure out how to resolve it on my own. But for some reason, my babies compel me to knit for them! I knit my son two roll neck sweaters when he was a baby. Then when my daughter came along, I knit her a cardigan and a roll neck sweater. Well, Penny is no exception. Now that it is getting chilly, I am worried about keeping her warm and cozy. She is also long but thin so finding pants to fit right now are a challenge. I found a cute, free baby pants pattern on Ravelry and ordered the yarn for not one, but two pairs. I have one leg done now thanks to my copy of Knitting for Dummies. And I have started on the second. Once I get to the knitting in the round step, I will be calling on my friend (the one who knit Penny’s adorable hats) for assistance. If I ever get these done, I will be back with my next sewing project! Until then, I will be working on Penny’s purple pants. Say that 10 times fast!