Free Motion Presser Foot Tip

Amy Friendpresser feet, quilting7 Comments

A while back, I mentioned that I was having trouble with my free motion presser foot while quilting. It wouldn’t glide over seams but rather bump up against them. Robin directed me to a post by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts, posted the very same day with my solution. What a coincidence! I showed my husband my presser foot, which is a little bit different from Amanda Jean’s, and asked for his help finding someway to lift it up a little. I think his solution is ingenious so I am posting it hoping that it will help someone else too. See the little red things? Those are the tops of two plastic drywall anchors with slits cut into them so that they can slip over the metal rod. The height with the two of them works for all but the bulkiest seams. He has been asked to grab one more the next time he heads out to the barn. Three will be perfect.