Penny’s Purple Pants

Amy Friendbaby, knitting6 Comments

Penny’s knit pants are done! And they fit which is even more exciting! I used a free pattern for Baby Bell Bottoms from Blue Blog Patterns and the recommended yarn, Knit Picks Shine Sport, in Serenade. This pair was made in size 12 months and they are perfect. They are a little long which is just what I wanted because her ankles keep getting exposed when I pick her up or put her in the baby carrier and she gets cold! When I knit the pink pair, I think I will make them an half inch or inch longer from crotch to waist because this pair is a little low rise. We will just say it is the style!
The knitting went better than I expected minus one little set back on Sunday. I had the two legs knit. Then it took me all day to finally get out of the house and coordinate with my friend so that she could help me put the legs on the circular needles. There was a little confusion at that point and when I got back home and started knitting enough to really see what was going on, I discovered that the purl side was showing up on the knitted side. I was all discouraged because I didn’t trust myself to back it out without messing up. Again, I tried to coordinate a trip to my friend’s house but Penny decided to finally take a good nap that morning and I wasn’t about to ruin it. I gathered up courage out of my frustration and backed it out and I am happy to say that I was successful! I lost one stitch but found it and got it back on the needles. Then I figured out the directions and was able to continue.
I am a little bit worried about the bell bottoms stretching out though because as soon as I put the pants on Penny, she lifted her legs up to find her toes (her new favorite pastime) and she found the hem of the pants and started pulling on them! I hope that they will tighten back up when washed and dried and that she will lose interest in them quickly!
My next project is a quilting project so I will not be gone for another whole week this time!