Felted Reading Glasses Case

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My friend surprised me with this felted and embroidered pouch for my birthday a few weeks ago. She found the directions on Ravelry. It is called the Beginner’s Lucky Pouch, by Hattie B. Holtapp.
She inspired me to try my hand at felting for a few Christmas gifts.

These are the two projects that I have made so far, resting on another birthday surprise, a scarf knit by my mother in law. Isn’t it pretty? I modified the Beginner’s Lucky Pouch a little bit to be the perfect size for a pair of reading glasses.
I purchased my yarn from Knit Picks. The yarns are Palette Wallaby and Palette Clematis Heather, fingering weight 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.
Here is what I did:
I cast on 45 stitches on size 4 needles.
Using the garter stitch, I stitched 4 rows.
On the next row, I knit 19 stitches, cast off the next 7, and knit the remaining 19.
On the following row, I knit 19 stitches, cast on 7 stitches, and knit the remaining 19.
I then knit until my piece measured about 10 inches and cast off.
I folded the bottom edge up, stitched it to form the sides, and threw the piece in to the laundry with some towels in hot water and hoped for the best!
When it came out of the laundry, I pulled it into shape and rested it on my radiators to dry in a jiffy.

I decided that I wanted to learn a proper needlepoint stitch, besides a French knot, so I learned the chain stitch to embellish these cases. I have one more case to make. This one will be slightly larger for bigger glasses. I am going to cast on 50stitches and make my piece 11 1/2″ long.

The piece of partly shaped wood in the picture above is going to be a toggle button. My husband is making it for the eyeglass case with the bird on it. It will be a present for his grandmother.

I fear I have another crafting addiction.