Folksy Flannel Matching Cuteness

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I asked Lily if she would like Penny’s dress to match her dress or be different and, my heart be still, she said “matching!” I used Butterick 4009 in a size small for the jumper. It’s a great pattern. They have you finish the bodice nicely, without the use of bias tape at the armholes. You turn the garment right side out and then stitch the shoulder seams. It involves a little hand sewing to close it up on the sides, and a bit inside to attach the lining, but I think it is worth it.
If you choose to use Village Plum Path-Folksy Flannels for a garment, make sure you buy extra yardage to match the print. It is such a strong horizontal design that you really have to be careful. I didn’t dare try an A-line but went with two patterns that had gathers to mask the seams where things might not line up precisely. I was able to get Lily’s side seams to line up nearly exactly as you can see in this picture.

Penny’s side seams didn’t end up matching quite as well, due in part to the cut of the skirt. But the center back seam worked out really well. All in all, you don’t notice it a bit because of the full skirt, and the fact that the baby is cute!

This time, my model was much harder to work with. It will be so much easier when she can sit on her own or stand! However, I am in no way wishing away this period with a stationary baby. In fact, I am dreading her moving around in a house that is now full of Legos!