The Tree Is Up!

Amy Friendholiday3 Comments

We went to a local tree farm and cut our tree after school let out on Friday. It is all decorated now, from the angel on the top to the train running around the bottom. The kids had a great time hanging all of the ornaments. There are some branches that are rather heavily decorated. Every now and then, we sneak an ornament off and move it elsewhere. So far, they are not on to us.
I made the angel when we were first married. I bought the porcelain doll head at ACMoore. It is attached to a sturdy, cardboard cone with hot glue. Then I made the dress and some lightly quilted wings. I love the lace that I found for the bottom. I never did attach a halo though. I thought of a gold pipe cleaner but it doesn’t seem delicate enough. Any suggestions? She has been without one for 12 years. I suppose she can stay that way!
I will let you in on a little secret. We don’t string the popcorn each year. We save it in a brown paper bag. My mom did that when I was a kid and it works so well. In fact, she still uses the popcorn that my brother and I strung as children. Unfortunately, last year a squirrel gnawed its way into our attic and ate the popcorn. Really. Therefore, this year it is newly strung. My husband strung most of it as I was involved with another project. That will be my next post!