Conquering the Middle Child Syndrom, One Hat at a Time

Amy Friendknitting6 Comments

My middle child, newly so after the birth of her 7 month old sister, seems to be having trouble finding her place. In an effort to make sure she feels equally loved, I knit her a hat since her baby sister just got a few hand knit things. Of course, now her brother wants a hat and since I haven’t made him anything in ages, I am making one for him too! This project allowed me to try a slightly different picot cast on and was my first dpn project. In college, I did knit some socks using dpn but it was so long ago that I really don’t remember. I used Lambs Pride wool and followed this pattern for Wool Noggins. My hat is a bit pointy at the top and it is not in the pattern picture. I am now thinking that I pulled the stitches too tightly when finishing it off. Can those who knit confirm that for me? In this case, I really don’t mind because I think it makes the whole thing look pixie-like which I like. However, it won’t do for big brother’s hat!