Knitting Needle Roll

Amy Friendknitting, sewing5 Comments

I’ve been wanting to make myself a knitting needle roll for awhile now. I made one about 8 years ago but that was before I knew how to bind the edges nicely. It was also too long and too tall. Since then, I have made two for gifts and keep thinking that I would like to replace mine. I finally got around to it last night. The best thing about my new knitting needle roll is that my son carefully chose the fabrics as my birthday present. He gave me two fat quarters of the same print, one in yellow and one in pinks. When he came downstairs this morning and saw it he said, “Mommy, this is beautiful!” I thanked him and asked if he knew what made it special. He asked, “You made it?” I said, “I did, but that isn’t what I was thinking.” Then it hit him and he excitedly asked if that was the fabric that he gave me. He feels very proud of his choices now. He asked to help put the needles into my “new holder that I gave you the fabric for.”