Potholder Pass 2 Signups

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I have been getting emails on a daily basis from people inquiring about Round 2. I decided just to go ahead and start accepting names. You may sign up for the Potholder Pass 2 beginning today, through the end of February. We will begin sewing at the beginning of March and you will send your potholders out by April 1st.
The rules will be the same as last time:
1. Potholders should be a minimum of 6″, preferably 7-8″.
2. Please use Thermolam or like material in the potholder-at least one layer, preferably two.
3. Try to accommodate your recipient’s color requests and their taste.
4. Send a set of 2 potholders. They can be identical or coordinating.
Please send me an email message with the following information:
Your name
Mailing address
Color Preferences
Email Address
Blog Address (not required to join swap)
Flickr Account name
Will you ship internationally? Yes or no.
Do me a favor and include all of this information in one single email so that I can cut and paste it onto my list. Please don’t make me hunt you down because it takes too much time!
It will be a secret swap which means that you will not know who is sewing for you. Participants can post mosaics of potholders that they like on Flickr for inspiration but it is not necessary. Sending along extras with your potholders is of course permissable but also not required. This is intended to be a fun for all, stressfree swap!
Grab the button in my sidebar for your blog and join the Flickr group where you will post pictures of the potholders that you create.
Come join the fun!