Skirts for Haiti

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Thanks to KT Quilts I learned about a wonderful project. Randi is asking people to sew skirts for the girls in Haiti and send them to her for distribution. I made up one little skirt that I could be worn by my daughter who is 4, but is long enough to be worn by a taller thinner girl and still reach below the knee. It is bound to fit someone perfectly. I added a little pocket using Rae’s pleated pocket tutorial. I made the pocket about 2″ smaller than she calls for in order to make it child size. Kids love pockets so I am hoping this pocket makes a little girl happy. I purposely put the pleat off to one side and a button to the other and now I just wonder if it looks like I couldn’t center things. I am not sure that any degree of wonkiness is for me.
There is still time to sew skirts before the March 1st deadline.