True Love Contest

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Sew, Mama, Sew is holding a True Love Contest where you are asked to use their cloth Valentine tutorial and make it your own. I made this Valentine for my husband. I started by looking for inspiration and Googling Valentine’s Day sayings. I found this quote:

I had a piece of fabric that I had been wanting to embroider or quilt with text. I used it to embroider the saying from an unknown author. My plan was to embellish the card by creating 100 hearts on the verso. It was a lot of fun though half way through I decided that I was a little nuts. I was tired of embroidering hearts when I was only up to about 23! But here they are, all 100: 97 in back stitch, 2 in button form and one in chain stitch.

I hand stitched the envelope closed with X’s.

And finally, I made a simple stamp using pinking shears and a heart stitched only down the center so that it has a three dimensional look. I also embroidered my husband’s name on the front.

This Valentine is tucked away until Valentine’s Day but it isn’t a secret. There was so way that I had enough time to stitch 100 hearts without my husband seeing it so I put him to work double checking my counting!