Fun Mail and Cathedral Quilt Progress

Amy Friendcathedral window quilt, potholder pass swap9 Comments

I finally dragged the girls to the fabric store with me on Saturday afternoon after the littlest was up from nap. We got there in about 20 minutes to find that the store was closed! We had a crazy, wild, wind and rain storm on Thursday night and apparently their power was still out. I hadn’t even considered that possibility. I have decided to just work on every other part of the quilt that I can until my husband needs to make a trip to Home Depot which is next to the fabric store. He can pick up the Kona white for me! It should be soon enough since we have started the demolition part of our bathroom project. I decided on the final layout and stitched the blocks of the first two rows together and opened out all the empty windows and stitched them down. Boy, it is so much more time consuming than I thought! I thought I was in the home stretch but I really have a lot more work to do. Now I need to attach row one and row two together and open out those windows that run between them. I love how you can begin to see the circle pattern now though. It’s fun to see it come together.

I have noticed how all the real quilters name their quilts. I have yet to name anything but thought that this quilt, due to the time it has taken, deserves a name. I am horrible at naming things though. I think I named our kids ok but term papers in school, exhibits at work, these things I always had a hard time with. Does anyone have a suggestion? I thought I could work on a label too while waiting for my last yard of fabric. If no one has a better idea, it will probably just be “Cathedral Windows”! Last night I received these potholder from Tara in Idaho. She sewed for me for Potholder Pass Round 1. She also made the necklace and earring set for me! Thank you Tara!