Little Folks Voile

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I am just in love with Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks line printed on voile. The material is just fabulous. It feels so nice and drapes well and is such a refreshing change from quilter’s cotton for garment sewing. It’s been a long time since you could find attractive, high quality material for clothing! I am thrilled and wish I could buy it all up! Instead, I just purchased a little over a yard each of Little Folks Baby Bouquet in Dusk for the outer layer and the solid River for the lining.

The skirt is view F, Simplicity 4138. I think it might be intended to be a little more fitted than I made it. I was concerned about miscutting the voile and ruining it so I cut a few sizes too big and started taking it in a size at a time! I quickly got tired of ripping out seams and decided that this was close enough. If I make another, I will take it in a bit more so that it doesn’t gather as much on the top. The skirt is sewn with French seams and they add such a nice professional look to it. I really like using French seams and will have to incorporate them into more of my sewing.
As I was finishing up this skirt, my daughter asked if I would make matching skirts for the two of us. I am very excited about the prospect and now I need to find a good deal on more voile pattern and coordinating solid as I will need at least 2 yards of each to make us matching skirts!
If you are wondering how I sewed this after lamenting about my machine, my mom let me borrow her Viking.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my sewing machine post. Please keep adding your thoughts. Lots of important things have been brought to my attention and it is really helping me to narrow my search. I appreciate all the help!