Potholder Pass 2 Completed Potholders

Amy Frienddresden plate, potholder pass swap, quilting16 Comments

I am excited to have something to show you other than my “in progress” quilt! These are the potholders that I am packing up and sending off to my partner for the Potholder Pass Round 2. I caught the Dresden plate bug and attempted my very first here. I really want to do more! They are fun and not as intimidating as they seem. I just quilted around the outside edge of the design.

I have also noticed all the little house and tree blocks popping up all over Flickr and wanted to give one a try. I made this little evergreen with a raccoon sitting beneath. It was fun to quilt, sort of following the outlines with straight line quilting.

And here they are together! I left off the loops because they are a bit on the large size to accommodate the Dresden plate. My partner may choose to use them as hotplates and therefore, prefer no loops. At least I know she is a sewer so she can add some if she wants! I am including extra backing material in her package.

Edited to add:
I was asked about the template I used. I printed it on a PC from this site: http://www.quilterbydesign.com/lessons/dresdens/dresden_templates.gif
If you print it from a Mac, it will be bigger. From a PC, it yields an approximately 8 inch Dresden plate (maybe slightly smaller).
As for pressing, I pressed the seams open, both the ones inside the petals and those holding them together.