Seasonably Inappropriate

Amy Friendstring quilt6 Comments

I feel silly posting something so seasonably inappropriate on Easter week. I am not working on anything springy at the moment though. Lily’s Easter dress from last year still fits and the baby has too many dresses that fit to justify making a new one right now. I have been wanting to start this project and since it is cold and miserable still, it seems rather appropriate actually! I am making a scrappy string spiderweb quilt with all Christmas materials. I tend to like darker reds, ivories and deeper greens for Christmas best. Many of these fabrics were used while making our tree skirt and stockings and have been accumulated over the last dozen years. I am planning on making it four blocks wide by four long (about 40″ square give or take). Since taking this picture a few days ago, I have accomplished quite a bit more. I am hoping to finish the paper piecing in the next couple of days and then I can assemble the quilt top! My apologies to anyone hoping for tulips, spring dresses and chocolate bunnies! If you missed my tutorial for a bunny bag or bunny and carrot hairclips last year, take a peek if you have time for a last minute project for a little girl!