Sock Monkey Fun!

Amy Friendfreezer paper stencils, gifts7 Comments

My nephew is turning four this weekend. The kids and I went shopping and quickly agreed that we wanted to get him a sock monkey. We’ve been noticing them everywhere lately and my nephew is a real stuffed animal fan. I know that there are some great tutorials out there for making them but there is only so much time in a day! We bought the monkey but I made a matching tshirt for him. I used the store bought sock monkey as my model and sketched this design. It took three stages of painting and drying to complete. First, I cut out and painted the brown shapes. Once they dried overnight, I did the same with the red, and lastly the black. I hadn’t done this in stages before and was nervous about ironing the freezer paper over previously painted surfaces but it worked just fine. I hope it loves it. If not, if fits his cousin Lily just fine (she was my model here)!