April Mini QT Swap

Amy Friendmini QT swap8 Comments

Look at this embroidery!!

I was fortunate enough to receive this little beauty in the mail today. It was made by Liz from Canada for the April Mini QT Swap. After my initial astonishment at receiving something so beautiful, my next feeling was of inadequacy. Trust me, what I sent to her doesn’t come close to equalling this work. I adore embroidery and her work is so perfect! It is really amazing. And she used such pretty pinks in her coins which really appeal to me. On the back of the quilt, she made nifty little triangular shaped pieces in the upper corners in order to hang the quilt. This is a “new to me” technique that I plan to use for my next mini quilt. As if this quilt were not enough, she also included the three pieces of fabric that you can see under the quilt. It has been a pleasure to meet Liz and get to know her a bit this month. She is such a nice lady and obviously, a very talented one! Thank you Liz! I don’t know how you were able to part with this one!