Spring Clothes for Penny

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I wanted to make a little sundress for Penny for the warmer weather (that I hope is coming!). I used the Simple Sundress pattern offered by Habitual. I thought that the bow at the neckline was a bit too frou-frou for a baby so I thought of using a button somehow.

I saw this dress in Chasing Fireflies and thought I would make a neckline something like it. Of course, I started sewing without taking a good look at the picture! I extended the neck “strap” out about an inch on each side and put a button on one side and a button hole on the other. After looking at the picture, I see that they put the button on the front part of the dress itself. I like that better so I might try another one and pay better attention and do it that way! When I do, I will change a few things about the pattern too. I will make the arm openings smaller. They are really big which will be nice for the hot weather but I think that I could close them up a bit just the same. And I will shape the dress in more of an A-line. Right now, the pattern is basically a sized pillow case dress. I would like to add a bit more fullness to it. I needed to start somewhere though and this pattern helped me start with the general size and shape.

Penny seems to like it just fine…or is it simply that she is thrilled with the measuring tape she is wielding? The fabric is from the Minny Muu collection by LECIEN. I am also contemplating making a top like this with matching ruffled panties.
I also made some lightweight spring pants. I can’t get a good picture because Penny will not stay still. Here is an action shot of her Simplicity 4203 pants made with Mrs. March’s Collection the 30’s printed by LECIEN. They are supposed to be capri length but they come to her ankle. I did this intentionally because it is still a bit chilly here and this way they will grow with her as the season changes. I like this pants pattern. It is super simple but they are shaped nicely. They go in a bit at the knee and flare out a touch. They are made with a little slit in the sides. I have ordered fabric for two more pairs. I might make the next one with a ruffle bottom. We will see!