Another Cute Baby Post

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Go ahead and roll your eyes…it’s another post about the cute baby and her ever expanding wardrobe! I just loved the last romper that I made because it is so perfectly babyish, fit well with room to grow, and is perfect for the weather that we are currently having. I ordered the material (“Tossed Daisies in Pink” from the Blossom Lane collection by Wendy Bentley for Timeless Treasures) planning on making a sunsuit so I only had a yard and this pattern requires a yard and a quarter. I spent a good deal of time moving pattern pieces around to try to make it work. I finally got all the pieces on there except the sleeve binding and the ties at the back of the waist. I decided to use this bright sunshiny yellow gingham that I had leftover from another project for the sleeves and opted to skip the ties in the back.

I like the look of the ties but I have been untying them for morning and afternoon nap because I can’t imagine that it is comfy to lie down on a knot to sleep.

And did I mention that Penny is very much “on the go” now? So, that will be all for this photo session. We have some dandelions to pick and tear apart.