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If you are new to my blog and visiting as part of the Bloggers Quilt Festival, welcome! Hello to all my returning blogger friends.

Today I am sharing my Stained Glass Windows, a cathedral windows quilt. This project definitely feels like my biggest accomplishment this year. I worked on it non stop from about Christmas till mid March. I used the machine to assemble the white squares but I hand sewed all the windows open.

My favorite pictures are those where the light is streaming through the quilt. I noticed how nice it looked hanging over the ironing board with the light from the windows coming from behind so my husband and I rigged it up for a picture.

It measures 40” square and will hang in our front hall at the top of the stairs once we renovate the hall. Of course, it won’t be back lit then so it will look more like this:

I am glad to have this chance to look at the pictures again because the quilt is put away at the moment because our renovation plans changed and we are working on a downstairs bathroom now, not the front hall. It will have its turn soon though, I am sure.
I missed the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day so I am planning my own giveaway for early next week. Check back or make me a Favorite if you are afraid of forgetting.
Enjoy the rest of the festival!