Busy Saturday

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Truth be told, some of this happened yesterday but the days tend to blur together. My 4 year old daughter, Lily, is very into horses. For her birthday, my sister gave her a stuffed horse head and a tail to attach to her bike to turn it into a pony. If you pinch the ear, it makes horse sounds. The sight of her on this “pony” is enough to make just about anyone smile. Now she fancies unicorns as well and asked me to help her make a horn. She chose the scrapbook paper and we made a cone and added some glitter glue. In our haste to transform the horse before the glue was dry, some of it smeared. I attached it with a thin white ribbon so it can be removed when this fickle little one decides that she wants her pony back.
This morning we hit the flea market fundraiser at our elementary school and I found an LL Bean single jogging stroller for Penny for a mere $10! I took off the fabric seat and washed it and my husband replaced one tire and it is basically as good as new. The person selling it told me that it didn’t fold and that was the main reason for the low price. Well, once I got it home my husband figured out how to fold it in a couple of seconds. If that wasn’t enough excitement, we found Minty. Minty is the mint green Little Pony above. Lily loves Little Ponies and we are having the hardest time finding them. She has the few basic ones that pop up everywhere but she saw Minty in a video and has been wanting her for a good year. I haven’t been able to find her but we bought her today for a dollar. It was a well spent dollar! Then we went to the garden club plant sale where I bought a red astilbe for a new shade garden area that I dug on Friday. I spent the rest of the day gardening. Tomorrow I will plant the window boxes.
This little ground cover is very unusual. I bought it a couple of years ago now mostly based on its name, “Pussytoes.” Isn’t that cute?
My Siberian iris have started blooming this week. This is one of my favorites called “Shaker’s Prayer.”

The lupine are beautiful right now. These really please me because I grew them from seed too! I know I get unduly excited about things I have grown from seed but it is just plain exciting! I have both the blue/purple lupine and pink.

This is my favorite shot because it is Penny reaching for the lupine as I am holding her. As I carry her she points and exclaims “Ba!” or “Ahh!” etc. until I bring her to things to touch. She particularly likes plants. I think she gets it from me!

I will be back on Monday with my giveaway!