"Impression of a Sunflower #2" and more on Linocuts

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Before tucking it away and moving on to the next linoleum block, I made one more print. Here is “Impression of a Sunflower #2.” This one is intended for a certain recipient so I could play with color more. I wanted to make the giveaway more neutral to work in different homes.
I used a log cabin style block and this time made a ring of french knots at the center of the sunflower. Again, I had to add my signature bee. I tried not to but something was missing!
Here is my stack of previously carved linoleum blocks. I used to print them on rice paper and make greeting cards which I sold at art fairs. I still have a whole store of cards all ready to sell and should probably open an etsy shop. I stopped going to the fairs shortly after Timothy was born. Which block looks interesting to you? I printed the Asiatic Lily also and now I need to decide which one to try next. Any suggestions?
Here is a sneak peak of one block.

And here is another.

I was asked where I bought my supplies. I got the fabric and inks from the Dharma Trading Company. I don’t think I would make a quilt with these blocks because I would fear repeated washing. But they will be fun for mini quilts, tote pockets, etc.