Octopus Sundress

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My daughter has been learning about the sea at preschool and is infatuated with sea creatures now. She requested an octopus dress. This is one of those times when I love to be a sewing mommy because a mommy who doesn’t sew might not be able to fulfill such a request. It was my perfect excuse to buy Heather Ross fabric; Mendocino, Octopus in particular. I liked the slightly less vibrant colors in the “blush” version but she was adamant that “fuchsia” was prettier.
She strikes this pose with her head on her shoulder whenever I go to take a picture. It has been driving me nut so I decided to just embrace it and go with it!

I used a combination of two tutorials to make this dress. I used the simple sundress pattern to cut the two rectangles to the right size since I was not using a pillow case. Then I used this tutorial to finish it. I am happy with the results and it works for this year but is big enough for next year too which is what I strive for!

It turns out that it is the perfect dress for swinging! I made this dress about two weeks ago but it was finally warm enough to wear it tomorrow (and that was still pushing it).