Potholder Pass 3

Amy Friendpotholder pass swap14 Comments

These are the potholders that are heading out to my partner for Potholder Pass 3. She requested orange, brown, grey, and white. I got all the colors in there except for the grey. She also prefers “funky.” Well, “funky,” orange and I don’t mix all that well so this was a stretch for me!

I got my idea for the leaf design from the cover of Whip Up Mini Quilts. I don’t have the book but saw it advertised online the other day and was struck by the leaf quilt in the center. I decided to try something like it. I paper pieced each half of the leaf just as I would a string quilt, then turned the edges using freezer paper. Then I used some Stitch Witchery to attach the applique. The quilting was fun. I used a thread that matched the linen bits and stitched a leaf vein sort of pattern. I also stitched a couple of sections within the leaves for added interest. And this time I jumped on the grommet bandwagon, not wanting to be left out of the latest Potholder Pass trend!

My partner will also be receiving this oven mitt because a little birdy mentioned that she was into owls.