A Gift

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I received a gift in the mail on Monday; an out of the blue, just because gift from Krista of Poppyprint. A little while back, we were chatting over email about grommets for the Potholder Pass. I was saying how I needed to ask my husband for help because you had to hit so hard to get the hole cut. She informed me that you were supposed to cut the hole out before putting in the grommet, trying to be helpful. She recommended embroidery scissors to cut the hole. I prompted wrote back and told her that I wasn’t that ignorant, but that my kit came with a tool that you hammered and it made the hole. Plus, I said, I don’t own any embroidery scissors. She wrote back that she didn’t think I was stupid, more inexperienced. There’s nothing like a little grommet banter with a blogging friend. Much to my surprise, this fancy little pair of scissors appear in my mailbox this week along with a Friendship block fob, thanking me for my work on the Potholder Pass (and probably secretly begging forgiveness for thinking me so foolish to try to put grommets in without a hole). Check Krista’s blog next week because she will be revealing two quilts that she is entering in her guild’s show this weekend. I bet they will be spectacular.