A Late June Garden

Amy Friendgardening7 Comments

The daylilies have begun to bloom along with the coreopsis, roses, yarrow, delphinium, and lavender.

I always start to wonder at this time of year, if there are other flowers yet to bloom or if I will have a dull garden in August. Thankfully, the show never fails to last the summer.
A couple of weeks ago, we planted a little “berry lane” in honor of Penny’s first birthday. We chose 3 varieties of blueberries and 2 types of raspberries. The raspberries are growing well. One of the blueberries never showed signs of life (they came bare root) so I will have to call for a replacement. The other two blueberry bushes are being eaten to death by the deer and rabbits. Today my husband made little metal cages to go around each bush for now. We hope to enclose the area next year.