Caitlin’s Dress Up Doll Quilt

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Timothy’s best friend, Caitlin, turns 7 early next week. When they were attending their friend’s party last week, Timothy learned that Caitlin did not have a doll quilt and would really like one (hint, hint, hint). I was happy to oblige. Caitlin is a bit of a tomboy but loves to dress up.

Due to a lack of time, this was a quick little number. I literally folded a piece of fabric and cut out one side of a dress, opened it out and decided it looked ok and used it for the pattern to cut the other 5. Each was decorated a bit with lace or other trims from my scraps. Then I quilted and appliqued all in one step in a quick raw edge applique, left to fray.

Apparently, she draws lots of hearts in her notebook at school so I quilted a little chain of free motion hearts across it. And, it needed a pillow too according to Timothy. I made the pillow out of the same material as the backing and binding and added a little lace. Two of the materials used for dresses in this quilt were scraps from dresses my mom made for my little sister in the late 70s. It’s fun to find uses for them.
I felt that this quilt needed to be washed to get its crinkle and start the fraying. It looks so snuggly now. I hope Caitlin’s dolls are pleased.