Crafterhours Skirt Week

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Crafterhours hosted a very fun Skirt Week this past week where you could enter skirts that you made in four different categories. Earlier this week, I was excited when they featured my Little Folks voile skirt, though it didn’t win. I thought that was the highlight of the contest for me. But no! Today I was browsing through my daily blog list and I see this:

It’s the Pot ‘o Gold skirt that I made for Lily and it won in the Little Girls’ Skirt category! I am beside myself with excitement. Today the baby was teething and fussy, the older two were out of sorts, and this made my day. They did such a nice little write up about it and check out the prizes!
I did share a tutorial for this skirt if anyone is interested.
Thank you Adrianna and Susan! Take a peek at the Flickr group if you have a moment. There is a lot of inspiration there.